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Valves are made of different sizes and materials for various purposes.
can be produced. Within the valves themselves, they are divided into types as radiator valve, solenoid valve, chiber valve, ball valve, thermostatic radiator valve, flanged valve.


Ball Valve Valves

turva Ball_Valves_küresel

Gate Valves

ANSI Gate Valves turva

Butterfly Valve Group

Butterfly_Valve_Group_edited turva

steam trap

steam_trap_kondenstop turva

check valves

çekvalf_checkvalve turva

API / ANSI Valves

API_ANSI_Valves turva



JIS Norm Valves

turva jis-marine-bronze-globe-valve

Water and Gas Fixtures

water_and_gas_armatures turva


turva compensators
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